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The future of land-use in Switzerland under the new Global Biodiversity Framework (COP15).

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On September 26, 2023, the PSC organized a Fireside chat in collaboration with the Franxini Project. At the 15th UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15, 2022) in Montreal, Canada, all 195 countries agreed that 30% of land and water areas should be reserved for habitat and species protection.

Around 40 participants composed of PSC scientists, the Franxini team, representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations discussed what Switzerland could look like assuming that the biodiversity targets as formulated in Kunming and Montreal will be met in 2030.

Two expert presentations provided the audience with an overview of how the international community and also Switzerland are meeting the conservation targets.

Global Biodiversity Framework Implementation in Switzerland: Ecological Infrastructure and land use conflicts by Dr. Eva Spehn, Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT).

With 48% of habitats in Switzerland endangered, additional areas of high quality for biodiversity conservation and restoration are needed for example through integrated land management and through increasing the area for diversified and ecologically intensive agriculture. Other measures should focus on subsidies for biodiversity-promoting conditions and reduction of nitrogen emissions.

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International Biodiversity Targets: Implications for National Implementation by Prof. Dr. Maria J. Santos, University of Zurich.

Achieving the goals set at COP15 through successful implementation strategies will require new ways of thinking and breaking old patterns. A sustainable pathway to protect and successfully restore biodiversity and ecosystem services that enables society to achieve these goals will be possible through transformation(s). These must be based on a combination of knowledge and transdisciplinary learning.

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Eleven Fellows of the RESPONSE Doctoral Program presented their ongoing research work linked to the COP15-targets by posters.

These photos of the event were provided by Luisa Last.

This event has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie (MSC) grant agreement No 847585.

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