Workbooks: engaging in the science-policy dialogue

These workbooks explore the role of scientists in the science-policy dialogue. They are addressed to students in our PhD program and to other interested readers. The workbooks offer close insight into theory, processes, and tools for evidence-based policymaking.

All workbooks for free download:

Paschke M., Pfisterer A. (2019). Evidence-based policy making. With contributions of: McNally, K., Herrendörfer, R., Hirschi, C., Last, L. Pauli, D., Studer, B. and J. Schubert.

Hemmati, M. (2020). Stakeholder engagement. With contribution of: Maier, B.

Pfisterer, A., Paschke, M. and J. Pasotti (2019). Communication science through the media.

Beuttler, C., Paschke, M. (2020). Risk and uncertainty communication.

Bütitikofer, S. (2019). Building political support. With contributions of: Falk, M., Last, L., Neu, U., Paschke, M., Pavageau, C. and C. Rey.

Paschke, M. and S. Studer (2019). Generating impact chains. With contribution of: K. McNally.

Paschke, M. and A. Pfisterer (2019). Collective inquiry. With contributions of: Backhaus, J., Carteret, R., Huppenbauer, M., McNally, K., Reynolds, M., Wallimann- Helmer, I.