Science and Policy PhD Program

The  PhD Program in Science and Policy is for PhDs or Postdocs to develop skills and methods for engaging in science policy dialogue.

Open to life, earth, agricultural or engineering sciences.

Join the PhD program and prepare yourself to engage with current policymaking with your science.

What participants say:

“In the course ‘Communicating Science’ I learned to craft compelling messages to different audiences.” – Charlotte Pavageau, Marie Curie Alumni

“It’s helpful to understand how my project has a broader societal impact. (…) It’s good to always take a step back and look at larger societal impact, and these workshops definitely helped me frame that.” – Bessie Noll, Marie Curie PhD Fellow

“A course like ‘Stakeholder Engagement’ taught me techniques and tools to work with stakeholders in a way that bridges the divide rather than creating new walls.” – Kevin Vega, Science & Policy Alumni

“The courses of the PhD program in Sciences and Policy helped me communicate my research findings in a way that are understood by policy makers and other stakeholders. Many of the skills still serve me today – not just in engaging with external stakeholders but also with internal management and decision makers to underline the importance of the research and innovation we do.” – Dominik Klauser, Science and Policy Alumni

“The program allowed me to explore many different perspectives of science in its relation to policy and society. This “big picture” thinking has been invaluable in my current position in research management.” – Kailin McNally, Science and Policy Alumni

Careers in science for policy are possible in federal, state of local government and administration, in nonprofits, think tanks, in private companies or in academic institutions.

Going Transdisciplinary

The PhD program is accredited by the University of Zurich, University of Basel and ETH Zurich, as well as the Zurich Life Science Graduate School. It will be finished with a joint certification from all three universities as part of your doctoral degree.