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Fall 2024

  • Communicating Science
  • Evidence-based policymaking

Spring 2025

  • Building Political Support
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Introduction to Political Sciences

Course Overview


Capacity Building Workshop on Effective Science-Policy Collaboration in Biodiversity Management

This collaborative workshop will train participants how:

  • To create awareness and discuss the role of research in biodiversity policy making at different policy levels. 
  • To foster understanding of an effective science-policy collaboration through continued stakeholder engagement and highlight the importance of translating science to action.
  • To enable participants to grasp the challenges and tactics to bridge science-policy in biodiversity conservation and provide an opportunity for the participants to network with global, national and local partners. 
  • To help participants initiate a policy engagement plan tailored to their respective research.

Dates: November 20-21, 2024 // Location: Eawag, Dübendorf // 1 ECTS

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Systems Thinking and Design for Social Change and in Policymaking (Part of PhD Program in Science and Policy)

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Lecturers: Melanie Paschke, ETHZ, Tobias Luthe, ETHZ, Laura Ferrarello, EPFL, Anaïs Sägesser, scaling4good & innosuisse, Swen Bos, Empa

Get to know the transformative potential of systems thinking and relevant tools and methods in policy making. Society, scientists, and policymakers have to deal with wicked problems and complex societal needs that can be assessed and solved only if seen in a systems context. Systems thinking can inform, model and impact policy making. This workshop will offer theoretical and practical insights into a toolbox of techniques used in system mapping and system design while being guided by different experts. Participants are asked to bring their own problems and cases to be worked on.

Dates: January 20-22, 2025 // Location: ETH Zurich // 1 ECTS

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