Science-Policy Fellowships

Ongoing Marie Curie RESPONSE – to society and policy needs through plant, food and energy sciences

RESPONSE related publications.

Land Use Changes

Legacy effects of land-use on tropical soils as constraints on the restoration success and service provision of tropical forests (…)
Matthew Cooper
ETH Zurich
FARS – For resilient and sustainable farms and value chains (…)
Paul Donadieu de Lavi ETH Zurich
Monitoring the effect of deforestation and reforestation on vertebrate diversity using river environmental DNA (eDNA)
Monika Golarczyk
ETH Zurich
The role of biodiversity in sustainable energy transitions for charcoal
Dabwiso Sakala University of Zurich
Land-use effects on the functioning of anthropogenically-dominated landscapes. Simon Landauer University of Zurich
Inferring legacy of human activities on tropical forest plant diversity with spatial genetics and remote sensing. Nathalia Perez Cardenas University of Zurich

Food System and Plant Sciences

Exploitation of genomic resources to advance forage breeding programs
Yutang Chen
ETH Zurich
Plant reproduction: chromatin-based controls (…)
Danli Fei
University of Zurich
Unlocking Epigenetic Variation to Breed Sustainable Crops
Dusan Denic
University of Zurich

Developing climate-ready apple production systems in Switzerland
Laurent Giguère
ETH Zurich
Towards improving forage productivity under future climates (…)
Reah Gonzales
ETH Zurich
Roles of chemical communication in forming plant-insect networks (…) Roberto Rebollo Hernández
ETH Zurich
Unlocking genetic resources of buckwheat (…)
Fabian Hess
ETH Zurich
Wheat responses in changing climates studied by Asian varieties (…). Katharina Jung
University of Zurich
Evidence-based evaluation of the roles and application of plant peptides for the sustainable improvement of crop resistance (…). Xeniya Kim
University of Zurich
Fermentation with functional co-cultures to improve cocoa bean quality, safety and sustainability
Julie Lestang
ETH Zurich
Towards improved crop resilience – discovering essential factors that control chloroplast development
Yuanyuan Liang
ETH Zurich
Towards improved crop resilience – discovering essential factors that control chloroplast development
Alberto Linares University of Zurich
Genomic selection 2.0. Carles Traver Quesada
ETH Zurich

Energy Science

FINCCS – Effective policy mixes to mobilize finance along the CCS/CCU supply chain
Katrin Sievert
ETH Zurich
Policy Designs for addressing societal acceptance challenges in CCU/CCS demonstration and deployment
Susanne Rhein
ETH Zurich
ROSE: Role of Bioenergy in Sustainable Energy Systems
Fei Wu
ETH Zurich
Quality-enhanced power semiconductor devices for reliable energy conversion
Manuel Belanche Guadas ETH Zurich
Innovation strategies and policy approaches to support the transition to a clean energy system
Arnau Aliana Guardia ETH Zurich
Engineering the policy-enabled transition to sustainable multi-energy sytems
Linda Brodnicke
ETH Zurich
Sustainable storage hydropower for a resilient future energy system
Sudesh Dahal
ETH Zurich
Developing a source-to-sink value chain for Swiss industrial carbon dioxide
Linda Frattini
ETH Zurich
Energy transition and the transport sector
Bessie Noll
ETH Zurich

Joint Research Center – PSC Collaborative Grants

Modelling biodiversity impacts in LCA
Clara Antonia Klöcker
ETH Zurich
Soil Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning Assessment across Europe
Maëva Labouyrie
University of Zurich
Modelling Phosphorus cycle in EU agricultural soils and assessing land impact and land mitigation options
Anna Muntwyler
ETH Zurich
Constraining historical and future estimates of land cover and land management effects on climate
Caspar Roebroek
ETH Zurich