About us

The Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center is a research network of plant scientists at three Swiss universities: University of Zurich, University of Basel and ETH Zurich.

Our mission is to promote plant science research and to provide dialogue to some of society’s most important questions including the adaptation to climate change, food security, landuse changes and conservation of biodiversity. In our 20 years of existence we have built up several training programs for PhD students. We realized that, while our participants become excellent scientist the transfer of scientific knowledge into society remains a challenge. This was one of the reasons, why we founded a specialized training and mentoring program for PhD students in 2009: “PSC PhD Program in Science and Policy”, unique in Switzerland. With academic experts and practitioners at the science-policy interface and support through Swiss and European funding we build up a course program addressing three key questions:

  • How can life scientists bridge the gap between the scientific community and the policy world?
  • How can they increase the impact of their research on political decision-making?
  • And how can the dialogue with policymakers, politicians and the wider public be improved?

This blog invites you to present your recent research work and contributions at the science-policy interface.


Melanie Paschke, PhD, Managing Director – Education
Manuela Dahinden, PhD, Managing Director – Research
Luisa Last, PhD, Coordinator

Contact: Luisa Last (llast@ethz.ch)