Politics scholarship for academics – Prepare yourself and submit a successful science and policy application

PSC Science and Policy Talk

On May 24, 2023, Dr. Sophie Girardin will share her experiences on how can you prepare for a career at the interface between science and policy.

In the Science and Policy Talk series professionals working in different roles at the science and policy interface explain how they communicate research findings to have an impact on policies and give us insights in their career pathway.

Dr. Sophie Girardin holds a politics scholarship for academics. The scholarship of Scientific Policy Grants enables each year two graduates of Swiss universities to experience the political processes in the Swiss parliament by working for the Parliamentary Services in the Federal Palace in Berne. The scholarship recipients support the parliamentary legislative committees by joining the team of one of the committee secretary’s offices.

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For this Science and Policy talk session, Sophie Girardin will give insights to all talk attendees on her career path from science to politics and politics administration in Switzerland. In addition to talking about her daily business and her potential impact in politics and policymaking at the Parliament, she will tell us how she prepared herself for a career at the science and policy interface during her studies. She will give advice on how to prepare a successful application for the politics scholarship of Scientific Policy Grants and where to find similar fellowship opportunities after finishing your PhD studies. 

Sophie Girardin is a life sciences engineer working for the Parliamentary Services in the Federal Palace in Berne. She studied at the ETH in Lausanne and obtained her doctorate at the ETH in Zurich, in the “Laboratory of Biosensors and Bioelectronics” (LBB). Sophie is an alumna of the PSC PhD Program in Science and Policy. At the Federal Palace, she now observes how communication takes place beyond linguistic, political and social borders.

The featured photo is owned by Luisa Last taken during our visit to the Swiss Parliament (Science and Policy Workshop D: Building Political Support, 2018).

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