New Course Offer – Capacity Building Workshop on Effective Science-Policy Collaboration in Biodiversity Management

Are you interested in biodiversity management and conservation at the global, national, cantonal, and municipal level? Are you interested in how integrating scientific research results into the decision-making process and engaging at the science and policy interface successfully? If yes, join our upcoming science and policy workshop.

More information and registration.

A challenge in biodiversity science-policy is to successfully integrate scientific research results into the decision-making process. One of the main objectives of this workshop is to increase participants awareness of how science-policy engagement for biodiversity management functions at the global, national, cantonal, and municipal level.

Participants will  be introduced to the possible challenges at the science-policy interface and how to take advantage of opportunities at the different levels. We aim to provide participants working on biodiversity and related research with a background knowledge to understand and highlight the importance of effective science-informed decision-making, and to support participants development of their own policy engagement plan.

Dates: November 20-21, 2024

Location: Dübendorf, Empa-Eawag Campus, FLUX Building

Target audience: PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers

The workshop is co-organized by the Blue-Green Biodiversity Research Initiative of Eawag and WSL, and the PhD Program Ecology (UZH) and the PhD Program in Science and Policy (Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center, ETHZ and UZH) and in partnership with the ENGAGE project (ETH Board Joint Initiative), the Project (UZH, UNIL, UNIGE, ETHZ and ZHAW) and the Translational Center for Biodiversity Conservation (WSL).

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