Perspectives for science-based policy advice as a young researcher in Switzerland

On June 19, 2024, Servan Grüninger will share his experiences on how can you prepare for a career at the interface between science and policy.

In the Science and Policy Talk series professionals working in different roles at the interface between science and policy explain how they contribute to linking science and policy and give us insights in their career pathway. This talk series is an offer as part of the PhD program in Science and Policy.

Servan Grüninger is biostatistician (PhD Student) at UZH and President at Reatch. Reatch is a grassroots think tank fostering the dialogue between academic research and other parts of society. Three years ago, Reatch launched the Franxini-Project to ensure that actors from politics and from research understand each other. In addition, Servan Grüninger has been member of a cantonal expert commission since 2019 and participated in the project «Who gets heard» by the Swiss Young Academy on the expert advice in the national parliament.

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In this talk, Servan Grüninger will speak about opportunities and pitfalls at the interface of science and policy. He will also talk about his career trajectory and how his education prepared him to take on jobs at the science-policy interface. Furthermore, he will give insights into job prospects at the interface of science and policy.

The featured photo is ETH-licensed from Adobe Stock.

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