Claudia Hahn

Alumni PSC Science & Policy

University of Basel

Currently, I am working at the Vice President’s Office for Education at the University of Basel as a member of the advanced studies section. My daily business comprises everything that concerns further education. Although my work is focused on medical and scientific fields, I get in touch with study programs from areas like theology, psychology, philosophy, business, marketing, culture, social sciences and many more.

Originally, I am a plant physiologist, specialized on grasses. After several years of studying and finishing my PhD and the Science & Policy program I was involved with, I came to discover my strengths and weaknesses. Thus, I explored my options and prepared myself to leave science. Today I am very happy to call myself a specialist for advanced studies at the University of Basel. I like my workplace close to the everyday life at the campus and I like working with people interested in educating themselves and educating others. During my PhD I gained a lot of assets helpful in my job. Supervising and coordinating study courses and programs is not that different from organizing experiments in the field and laboratory, or self-coordination during such a big project. Moreover, an integral part of my work contains the support of people who want to create and generate study courses and programs. Monitoring the development and approval, essentially, is similar to supervising the work of students.

Besides my scientific expertise, which I do not need necessarily for my current position, I gained a distinct sense of responsibility and independence during my PhD, which is a great benefit for my current work.