Charlotte Pavageau

Alumni PSC Science & Policy

Biovision Foundation

I am currently working for the Swiss NGO ‘Biovision Foundation’ as a program manager on Policy and Advocacy. My work is focussed on sustainable food system, agroecology, and ecological development for the Africa region. Our team supports public policies, and champion the interests of smallholders in Africa at international conferences and in discussions with politicians and government officials.

For instance, as part of my work, I help governments on assessing alternative policy options and providing recommendations on how to balance ecological, social and economic factors, through workshops, policy briefs, or direct bilateral meetings. What I found appealing in this job was to turn evidence and lessons from the field and research into action by creating a dialogue with policy-makers. Evidence-based approaches are core to our mode of operation. We collaborate with a diversity of actors: agricultural research institutions, national authorities and public bodies, UN organizations, development agencies, and a variety of NGOs.

My past experience in environmental research for development is of great help. I started my career on forest issues in tropical regions as a consultant for the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), based in Cameroon and later in Indonesia. I was working on climate change and forest management linkages in the Congo Basin. I was combining fieldwork with local communities and assessment of national climate change policies. I then pursued a PhD at ETH on the management of ecosystem services in an Indian coffee landscape. The ability to understand local realities and constraints combined with scientific approaches is increasingly sought in international development work. The experience gained during those years helps me define credible messages in favour of more sustainable approaches.