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Software licences? IT Shop!

IDES is being replaced by the modern IT Shop. The successful central software purchasing model will remain unchanged. Read more

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The “IT Security Initiative”

ETH Zurich has launched its “IT Security Initiative” under the motto “Protect your brainwork”.

Protect your brainwork

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The IT Bridge Builders

“We build bridges between IT Services and professors, lecturers, researchers and staff.
We execute our tasks, focused on people, quality, effectiveness, and efficiency….”. Read more

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“Gut Feeling” with Kontakt über Mittag / Lunchtime Meeting

The ETH-Newsletter runs an article under the title “How the gut feeling shapes fear”.  “Lunchtime Meeting” decides to find out more about the gut-brain connection. Members of the IT Services got the chance to visit the institute in Schwerzenbach, a new building for us, and to get to know our “customers” a bit better. Read more

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