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For the first time, the ITS Service Desk opens a temporary Pop-Up Desk at Hönggerberg at the start of the semester and can generally be reached earlier by phone.

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Introduction of the events calendar version 2018.1

In collaboration with the Services department, ITS SWS is working on implementing a new version of the events calendar of ETH Zurich. From the client’s point of view, the aim is to rebuild all components of the overall system using modern design methods while considering the highest standards when it comes to user-friendliness. This goal is to be achieved in three stages over three years, the first of which was devoted primarily to the presentation of the events in AEM (ETH website) and on information screens, which were successfully launched on 13 December, 2018. Read more

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Introductory and farewell lectures digitised

Introductory and farewell lectures: Digitisation of historic content completed.

After more than five years, Multimedia Services have recently completed the project for digitising the analogue and “semi-digital” (digital data on analogue tape) recordings of inaugural and farewell lectures for the ETH library: The project, which started with the establishment of a “digitisation station” for VHS, DV and DAT tapes had to struggle with synchronisation problems initially and the lack of labor ressources at the later stages, which had to be put on ice for the migration of the video management system, and which also had to overcome hurdles due to licensing law, can now finally be viewed at A complete collection of introductory and farewell lectures recorded at ETH Zurich. Read more

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GA4GH and ASHG conferences

Global lessons for our personalised medicine projects – GA4GH and ASHG conferences

At the end of last year have started several projects within the two major programmes: national one:

  • Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) and
  • ETH-based: Personalized Health Research Technologies (PHRT)

They aim into finding novel solutions and at the same time applying in the clinical  practice the principles of personalized (called also “precision”) medicine. The programmes need state-of-the art IT infrastructures and providing them is the goal of the BioMedIT alliance.

Scientific IT Services takes part in several SPHN and PHRT projects and is one of the driving forces of the BioMedIT. We provide the computing infrastructure (LeonhardMed), data management solutions (openBIS), we also help and collaborate on data transfer between hospitals and academia, data analysis and security. Thus, SIS needs to actively follow the current status of knowledge and technological developments in the “hot topics” between the IT and precision medicine applications. Simply because it is largely driven by new achievements in IT, in particular in the areas such as systems security, big data, deep learning or novel collaborative methodologies. Read more

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Making of: inside|out newsletter no. 17

IT news at ETH Zurich – “Find out what’s going on in terms of IT at ETH Zurich”: the 17th inside|out newsletter is online.

This is what the result looks like, but there was a long way to go. Read more

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polybox – you can now collaborate when working on documents

polybox is the established cloud storage service used by ETH Zurich. It now also enables synchronous (or asynchronous) online collaboration for all ETH members. In addition to the usual online storage and sharing of documents, it is now also possible to edit documents together in the web browser.

The trigger for the new functionalities was the demand from the Educational Development and Technology department (LET). LET wanted to offer students an opportunity to collaborate online. After a successful proof of concept phase (polyboxEdu), the online office functionalities are now permanently available on polybox. Read more

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Video conferencing: Do it yourself. But better.

ITS Multimedia Services has been offering video conferencing in specially equipped and supervised rooms for many years. These rooms are located both at the “Zentrum” (HG, LEE) and “Hönggerberg” (HCI, HIT) sites. A high-quality service that is used very actively.

However, video conferencing at the workplace is of great importance especially in the scientific community because it can be carried out more quickly and spontaneously. The laptop- and desktop-oriented “do-it-yourself video conferencing” is being used extensively as well. It requires participants to use their own laptops or desktop PCs with integrated or external cameras and microphones and individual software at a workstation or in a conference room. Read more

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PROTECT YOUR BRAINWORK. – Protect your Devices

The new IT security campaign has started – “Protect your Devices” with the focus on “Prevent theft – reduce losses”.

Photos, final theses, e-banking – mobile work anywhere, anytime has long since become an everyday occurrence. With this in mind, most users own several devices: a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop. Protecting these devices against theft and unauthorised access is worthwhile, because insecure devices also put your data at risk. Information security starts with the end device. PROTECT YOUR BRAINWORK. Read more

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Live streaming – professional or “do it yourself”

The demand for “live streaming” events has noticeably increased in recent years. Multimedia Services have therefore updated the service and the underlying technologies accordingly, and offer different solutions to meet different customer needs. Read more

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