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2 Palaearctic osmiine bee species newly described

Friday, June 24th, 2016

An article in Zootaxa has recently been published dealing with the biology and taxonomy of Hoplitis (Formicapis) and Hoplitis (Tkalcua) (Zootaxa, 4127, 105-120, 2016). Two new species are described: Hoplitis (Formicapis) coreensis spec. nov. from South Korea and Hoplitis (Tkalcua) emiratensis spec. nov. from the United Arab Emirates.

Newly described osmiine bee species from Macedonia

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Hoplitis (Hoplitis) galichicae, a new European osmiine bee species has recently been described in Zootaxa (4111, 167-176, 2016). It is currently known only from the Galichica national park in southwestern Macedonia, where it was found to collect pollen on Sedum (Crassulaceae). In the same article, an identification key for all European representatives of the Hoplitis adunca species group is given.

3 Palaearctic osmiine bee species newly described

Sunday, April 12th, 2015

Two articles in Zootaxa have recently been published dealing with the biology and taxonomy of Hoplitis (Platosmia) and Chelostoma (Gyrodromella) (Zootaxa, 3936, 71-81, 408-420, 2015). Three new species are described: Hoplitis (Platosmia) arabiae spec. nov. from the Arabian peninsula, and Chelostoma (Gyrodromella) clypeale spec. nov. and Chelostoma (Gyrodromella) tonsum spec. nov. from Turkey.

7 Palaearctic osmiine bee species newly described

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Three articles in Zootaxa have recently been published dealing with the biology and taxonomy of Hofferia and Stenoheriades (Zootaxa, 3765, 175-186, 2014), of Hoplitis (Stenosmia) (Zootaxa, 3765, 301-316, 2014) and of Hoplitis (Chlidoplitis) and Hoplitis (Megahoplitis) (Zootaxa, 3765, 161-174, 2014). Seven new species are described: Stenoheriades levantica spec. nov., Hoplitis (Stenosmia) desertorum spec. nov. and Hoplitis (Chlidoplitis) allii spec. nov. from the Levant, Hoplitis (Stenosmia) crassipunctata spec. nov., Hoplitis (Stenosmia) dispersipunctata spec. nov. and Hoplitis (Chlidoplitis) haplophylli spec. nov from Central Asia, and Hoplitis (Stenosmia) gobiensis spec. nov from the Gobi desert.

3 new Palaearctic Protosmia species

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

In a recent paper (Journal of Melittology, 20, 1-9, 2013), T.L. Griswold describes three new species of Protosmia (Nanosmia) from the Palaearctic region: P. hamulifera spec. nov. from the Arabian peninsula, P. schwarzi spec. nov. from the Maghreb and P. trifida spec. nov. from Turkey.

Osmia maxschwarzi, a new Palaearctic Orientosmia species

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

In a recent paper (Journal of the Swiss Entomological Society, 85, 27-53, 2012), a new Palaearctic species of the subgenus Orientosmia is described, and the reexamination of the three currently recognized subspecies of Osmia (Orientosmia) maxillaris Morawitz, 1874 revealed that O. m. scheherezade Peters, 1978 is identical to O. m. dinazade Peters, 1978, syn. n. and that O. m. scheherezade deserves species rank: O. scheherezade Peters, 1978.

15 European osmiine bee species newly described

Monday, June 25th, 2012

In a recent publication in Zootaxa (3355, 29-50, 2012), 15 new European osmiine bee species are described: Hoplitis (Alcidamea) occidentalis spec. nov., Hoplitis (Anthocopa) peniculifera spec. nov., Hoplitis (Hoplitis) hilbera spec. nov., Hoplitis (Hoplitis) lithodorae spec. nov. and Hoplitis manuelae spec. nov. from Spain; Chelostoma (Chelostoma) siciliae spec. nov. from Sicily; Chelostoma (Foveosmia) incognitum spec. nov., Chelostoma (Foveosmia) longifacies spec. nov., Chelostoma (Gyrodromella) aegaeicum spec. nov., Hoplitis (Annosmia) monticola spec. nov., Hoplitis (Anthocopa) nicolaei spec. nov., Hoplitis (Anthocopa) serainae spec. nov. and Protosmia (Nanosmia) montana spec. nov. from Greece; Chelostoma (Chelostoma) comosum spec. nov. from Cyprus; and Hoplitis (Anthocopa) caucasicola spec. nov. from the Caucasus.

Subspecies of Osmia signata

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

John S. Ascher (American Museum of Natural History) recently pointed out that B. Tkalcu has described a subspecies of Osmia signata from the island of Rhodos (Greece), which was not yet listed in the catalogue by Ungricht et al. (2008). O. signata rhodia has now been included in the Palaearctic osmiine bee website.

Wainiella sp.

Friday, March 6th, 2009

The subgenus Wainiella Griswold contains 2 Afrotropical species (Michener, 2007). According to Griswold and Michener (1998), Wainiella marginally reaches the Palaearctic region in Yemen. Indeed, a Wainiella species was recently found in a sample of bees from Yemen (C. Praz, personal communication). As it is improbable that this species is conspecific with Wainia (Wainiella) albobarbata from South Africa and DR Congo or with Wainia (Wainiella) sakaniensis from DR Congo, the species from Yemen is probably new to science.

Heriades fujiyamai

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Heriades (Michenerella) fujiyamai Yasumatsu & Hirashima, 1952 from Japan is newly added to the Catalogue.