Subgenus Eurypariella

The subgenus Eurypariella Tkalcu is confined to the Palaearctic region. It contains 2 described and 1 to 2 presumably undescribed species (Michener, 2007).

Species accounts

Hoplitis (Eurypariella) denudata (Morawitz, 1880)

1880 Osmia denudata Morawitz, Bulletin de l’Académie Impériale des Sciences de St.-Pétersbourg, 26: 385. Type material: Holotype f, “in der nordwestlichen Mongolei von Potanin” [Mongolia], ZIN (St. Petersburg). Type species of Eurypariella Tkalcu.-Combination Stenosmia denudata (Morawitz) in Zanden (1988b: 128). Combination Eurypariella denudata (Morawitz) in Tkalcu (1995: 111).

Distribution-Northern Asia: MGL, RC.

Identification-Keys, Descriptions: Tkalcu (1995: 111-114); Wu (2006).

Nesting biology: Unknown.

Flower preferences: Unknown.

Hoplitis (Eurypariella) procerior (Tkalcu, 2000)

2000 Eurypariella procerior Tkalcu, Entomofauna (Ansfelden), 21: 374. Type material: Holotype f, “Gansu, Nanshan-Mountains, north of Datong River, 2550 mNN, 36°56.70’N/102°29.01’E” [China], SMNG (Görlitz).

Distribution-Northern Asia: RC (NW).

Identification-Keys, Descriptions: Wu (2006).

Nesting biology: Unknown.

Flower preferences: Unknown.