Subgenus Jaxartinula

The subgenus Jaxartinula Popov is confined to the Palaearctic region. It contains 2 species.

Species accounts

Hoplitis (Jaxartinula) malyshevi (Popov, 1963)

1963 Jaxartinula malyshevi Popov, Zoologicheskiy Zhurnal (Moscow), 42: 867. Type material: Holotype m, “Taschkent” [Uzbekistan], ZIN (St. Petersburg); paratype f. Type species of Jaxartinula Popov.

Distribution-Northern Asia: KZ, TM, UZ.

Identification-Keys, Descriptions: Griswold and Michener (1998: 243-244); Tkalcu (1995: 120).

Nesting biology: Unknown.

Flower preferences: Unknown.

Hoplitis (Jaxartinula) significans Tkalcu, 1995

1995 Hoplitis (Jaxartinula) significans Tkalcu, Entomologische Abhandlungen (Dresden), 57: 118. Type material: Holotype f, “NW-Mongolei: Uvs-Aimak, Charchiraa-uul, 30 km SW Ulaangom, Umgeb. Kurort, Steppe, 1340 m” [Mongolia], MLUH (Halle).

Distribution-Northern Asia: MGL.

Identification-Keys, Descriptions: No supplementary or more detailed morphological description known. Note: Male unknown.

Nesting biology: Unknown.

Flower preferences: Unknown.