Subgenus Nasutosmia

The subgenus Nasutosmia Griswold & Michener is confined to the Palaearctic region. It contains 2 described species. At least 1 species is still undescribed (A. Müller, unpublished).

Species accounts

Osmia (Nasutosmia) corniculata (Zanden, 1989)

1989 Hoplitis (Micreriades) corniculata Zanden, Entomologische Abhandlungen (Dresden), 53: 81. Type material: Holotype f, “± 20 km s. Tizi-n-Test (Taroudant rd), High Atlas, ca. 1500 m” [Morocco], RMNH (Leiden); paratypes ff, mm.-Combination Hoplitis (Nasutosmia) corniculata Zanden in Griswold and Michener (1997: 225).

Distribution-Europe:E. Northern Africa: DZ, MA.

Identification-Keys, Descriptions: No supplementary or more detailed morphological description known.

Nesting biology: Unknown.

Flower preferences: The only pollen sample available so far consisted of pollen of Fabaceae. Flower record: Hippocrepis (label record).

Osmia (Nasutosmia) nasuta Friese, 1899

1899 Osmia nasuta Friese, Entomologische Nachrichten (Berlin), 25: 27. Type material: Lectotype f, by designation of Zanden (1989: 81), “Biskra” [Algeria], OUMNH (Oxford). Type species of Nasutosmia Griswold & Michener.-Combination Osmia (Osmia) nasuta Friese in Friese (1911b: 76). Combination Hoplitis (Micreriades) nasuta (Friese) in Zanden (1988b: 122). Combination Hoplitis (Nasutosmia) nasuta (Friese) in Griswold and Michener (1998: 225).

1905 Osmia rhynchaena Pérez, Butlletí de la Institució Catalana d’Història Natural, 5: 83. Type material: Holotype f, “Garriga” [Spain], MNHN (Paris).-Synonymy in Benoist (1928e: 120).

Distribution-Europe: E, F. Northern Africa: DZ, MA, TN.

Identification-Keys, Descriptions: Benoist (1929a); Ducke (1900); Zanden (1989: 81-82).

Nesting biology: Unknown.

Flower preferences: Probably oligolectic on Fabaceae (e.g. Lotus, Hippocrepis) (A. Müller, unpublished, based on 6 pollen samples from 6 different localities and on field observations).