Subgenus Eochelostoma

The only species of the subgenus Eochelostoma Griswold occurs both in the Palaearctic and the Oriental region.

Species accounts

Chelostoma (Eochelostoma) aureocinctum (Bingham, 1897)

1897 Heriades aureocincta Bingham, The Fauna of British India including Ceylon and Burma. Hymenoptera, vol. 1, p. 508. Type material: Syntypes ff, “Sikhim, 6000 ft.; Ta-u plateau, Tenasserim, 4000 ft.” [India; Burma], BMNH (London), ZMHB (Berlin). Type species of Eochelostoma Griswold.

Distribution-Northern Asia: RC(SW). Extralimital: Oriental (India, Burma, Thailand).

Identification-Keys, Descriptions: Wu (2006).

Nesting biology: Unknown.

Flower preferences: Probably oligolectic on Schima (Theaceae) (Sedivy et al., 2008).