Subgenus uncertain

Species accounts

Hoplitis latifemoralis (Wu, 1985)

1985 Formicapis latifemoralis Wu, Biology of the Tianshan Tumur Region, p. 147 [not seen]. Type material: “Tianshan Tumur mountains, Xingjiang” [China], IZCAS (Beijing).-Assignment to Hoplitis (Formicapis) rejected by Müller and Mauss (2016).

Distribution-Northern Asia: KS, KZ,RC(NW).

Identification-Keys, Descriptions: Wu (2006).

Nesting biology: Unknown.

Flower preferences: Possibly oligolectic on small-flowered Boraginaceae with hidden anthers; all three pollen loads analysed so far (from the same locality and date) consist of minute and dumbbell-shaped Boraginaceae pollen grains reminiscent of e.g. Myosotis, Lappula or Eritrichium. In the female, the outher margin of the galea and the underside of the first two segments of the labial palpus are beset with short hooked bristles, which most probably serve to remove pollen from hidden anthers of Boraginaceae flowers. In fact, large amounts of Boraginaceae pollen were found to adhere to the specialized pilosity of the rather short proboscis. Similarly hooked, albeit longer bristles occur on the fore tarsus, suggesting that the fore legs might also be involved in the process of pollen uptake.

Hoplitis xinjiangensis (Wu, 2004)

2004 Stenosmia xinjiangense Wu, Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica, 29: 534. Type material: Holotype f, “Xingjiang, Shufu (39.4°N, 79.8°E), 1200 m” [China], IZCAS (Beijing).-Assignment to Stenosmia rejected by Müller (2014b).

Distribution-Northern Asia: RC(NW).

Identification-Keys, Descriptions: Wu (2006). Note: Male unknown.

Nesting biology: Unknown.

Flower preferences: Unknown.