7 Palaearctic osmiine bee species newly described

Three articles in Zootaxa have recently been published dealing with the biology and taxonomy of Hofferia and Stenoheriades (Zootaxa, 3765, 175-186, 2014), of Hoplitis (Stenosmia) (Zootaxa, 3765, 301-316, 2014) and of Hoplitis (Chlidoplitis) and Hoplitis (Megahoplitis) (Zootaxa, 3765, 161-174, 2014). Seven new species are described: Stenoheriades levantica spec. nov., Hoplitis (Stenosmia) desertorum spec. nov. and Hoplitis (Chlidoplitis) allii spec. nov. from the Levant, Hoplitis (Stenosmia) crassipunctata spec. nov., Hoplitis (Stenosmia) dispersipunctata spec. nov. and Hoplitis (Chlidoplitis) haplophylli spec. nov from Central Asia, and Hoplitis (Stenosmia) gobiensis spec. nov from the Gobi desert.

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