ICED 2020 @ ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich is to host a global conversation about how higher education will look in the future, and how universities should prepare.

In June 2020 the biennial conference of the International Consortium of Educational Developers (ICED) will take place at ETH Zurich. The theme of the conference, “The Future-Ready Graduate”, was chosen to inspire higher educational institutions, their faculty and educational developers to reflect on emerging global trends and to consider the changes needed to adjust higher education to new realities as they develop.

What does the future hold? This question has fascinated humans for eons. Many of our questions about the future are unanswerable. However, we can make some educated predictions. Industry leaders are asking themselves how global trends will affect their domains – and so is the education sector.

We live in a permanently changing society which requires new didactic approaches and innovative education concepts. How can teaching staff prepare students for this uncertain future? How will universities adjust to new realities in higher education? What do faculty members need if they are to offer suitable learning experiences that prepare students for changing scenarios?

These topics and more will be addressed at the ICED 2020 conference. The First Call for submissions is now open. It invites potential presenters to share their experiences and to explore the deep and searching questions in the conference sub-themes.

In order to enhance this conversation, students are explicitly invited to participate. ETH is sponsoring 4-6 students from around the world to attend and speak at the conference and student voices will be included in the form of a video at the beginning of the conference. The process for submitting a video or for nominating a student ambassador is described on the ICED 2020 website.

We hope that ICED 2020 conference contributions will provide both inspiration and practical pathways for faculty, administrators and educational developers as they seek to respond to changing future scenarios.

ETH teaching staff can contact LET staff members if they would like to discuss a potential contribution.


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