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ETHZ & WSL announce first MOOC on Landscape Ecology

What is a landscape? How has it evolved? How do we perceive landscapes?

In this MOOC participants learn theory, methods and tools to understand the landscapes we live in and to solve landscape-related environmental problems.  Leading landscape ecologists present case studies from around the world, where research in landscape ecology is needed, both to improve our understanding of land-use systems and to guide land managers in their decisions.

Join us at https://www.edx.org/course/landscape-ecology.

Course start Sep 10, 2018, by Prof. Felix Kienast and Dr. Gregor Martius

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Responsive Cities or Webcartography?

In May two new ETH-MOOCs will start. Please feel free to join these courses!


Responsive cities define the future of urbanization.

Learn how responsive citizens use smart technology to contribute to planning, design and management of their cities! “Responsive Cities is a self-paced course and will be open from the first of May 2018 till January 2019.


Want to produce cartographic visualizations to better communicate the results of your project or research? Or you are just interested in using modern web technologies for cartographic purposes?

Then Webcartography II is the course for you! Starts May 15.

Take the opportunity to communicate with learners from all over the world about webcartography or responsive cities! For more details about these two courses and other ETH-MOOCs: https://www.edx.org/school/ethx.

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