Master Thesis Evaluation – a Web Tool

The problem

Grades do not tell anything precise about the student’s abilities in the areas of scientific work, project management, critical thinking and social skills. And, in Switzerland especially, they do not offer any meaning to non-Swiss.

The solution

Additionally to the grade, we offer a report that describes the student’s abilities thoroughly. Since report writing is arduous, we developed a web tool MTE (Master Thesis Evaluation) that will calculate the grade and produce a report in a few clicks. You can still individualize the report afterwards, deleting and adding parts.

Further Advantages

  • Compliance: Grade calculation and partition follow the study guidelines.
  • Fairness: The professors all assess along the same criteria.
  • Service to the student’s future: The report can be part of the student’s portfolio.


More info on MTE can be found in the moodle course “Master Thesis Evaluation“.

Here is an fictive report: