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Leonhard Med: Secure Scientific Platform for Confidential Data

A secure, powerful and versatile IT infrastructure for research on confidential data at ETH Zurich

Providing IT solutions for scientific research on confidential data (e.g. human biomedical data) is a considerable challenge. This is because it requires fulfilling three main criteria that span a wide area of expertise, and that are difficult to achieve simultaneously:

  1. security and compliance
  2. flexibility and ease of use and
  3. scalability and performance

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GA4GH and ASHG conferences

Global lessons for our personalised medicine projects – GA4GH and ASHG conferences

At the end of last year have started several projects within the two major programmes: national one:

  • Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) and
  • ETH-based: Personalized Health Research Technologies (PHRT)

They aim into finding novel solutions and at the same time applying in the clinical  practice the principles of personalized (called also “precision”) medicine. The programmes need state-of-the art IT infrastructures and providing them is the goal of the BioMedIT alliance.

Scientific IT Services takes part in several SPHN and PHRT projects and is one of the driving forces of the BioMedIT. We provide the computing infrastructure (LeonhardMed), data management solutions (openBIS), we also help and collaborate on data transfer between hospitals and academia, data analysis and security. Thus, SIS needs to actively follow the current status of knowledge and technological developments in the “hot topics” between the IT and precision medicine applications. Simply because it is largely driven by new achievements in IT, in particular in the areas such as systems security, big data, deep learning or novel collaborative methodologies. Weiterlesen

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Meet ETH Scientific IT Services

ETH Scientific IT Services (ITS SIS) will hold two information events in November. These events will give an overview of how SIS supports modern research through the provision of scientific computing services such as computing clusters, data management and software development. Weiterlesen

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Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology 2017 conference in Prague

The conference Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) is the biggest annual forum for bioinformatics and IT related to life sciences. Every second year the conference is held in Europe and combined with European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB). This year ISMB/ECCB location was Prague. Over 2000 participants flocked the Prague Conference Centre near the Vysehrad castle between the 21-25 of July. Weiterlesen

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Data Life-Cycle Management Project

The Research Data Life-Cycle Management: From Pilot Implementations to National Services (DLCM) project is ready for take-off. Weiterlesen

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Open Research Data Hackdays at ETH Zurich

The first Swiss Open Research data hackdays took place on June 5 and 6, 2015, at ETH Zurich and the University of Lausanne concurrently. Weiterlesen

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