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Rolf Muri celebrates his 40th anniversary at ETH

Congratulations Rolf Muri, VPP Development/ID Printing, ITS User Services, on your long ETH career! Weiterlesen

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refine: A major ITS project

Project refine aims at providing ETH Zurich with a new financial control system. Focal points and preliminary results from the conceptual phase are now being presented. Weiterlesen

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IDES + Stud-IDES: Software, Licensing, Updates 2015

IDES  (software licences for employees) and Stud-IDES (software for students) is the IT Services electronic online purchase and delivery system. Weiterlesen

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Your mobile number can save lives!

In an emergency, the ETH evacuation system which informs members over a loudspeaker is not all encompassing. Submit your mobile phone number for emergency alerts. Weiterlesen

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Congratulations to our ITS trainees

Congratulations, Marco Schumacher, Mirco Kleiner & Rijad Ismaili for successfully completing your apprenticeship! Weiterlesen

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Data Life-Cycle Management Project

The Research Data Life-Cycle Management: From Pilot Implementations to National Services (DLCM) project is ready for take-off. Weiterlesen

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Windows updates for team and replacement notebooks

To ensure the safety of the ETH network, it’s important that Windows updates are installed promptly (e.g. ZO / Central Bodies following release by IT Services)

Please make sure to also remember team or replacement -notebooks, which are not always connected to the network and are used only sporadically. These devices should regularly be connected to the ETH network for an upgrade.


Once every end of the month.


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Answering machine during vacation time

The ETH telephone device allows us to record two different messages: a standard message and a special message specifically for holidays or other absences. Weiterlesen

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