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Making of: inside|out newsletter no. 18

IT news at ETH Zurich – “Find out what’s going on in terms of IT at ETH Zurich”: the 18th inside|out newsletter is online.

The topics of the current newsletter

The first newsletter this year is online.

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How to detect phishing mails

Emails are a practical and useful means of communication. However, they are often used by fraudsters to steal confidential data such as passwords or bank information. These so-called phishing emails pose a real risk. Not all of them can be automatically detected and stopped by technical email filters. This also means that phishing emails cannot be prevented from appearing in your mailboxes now and again.

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PROTECT YOUR BRAINWORK. – Keep Intruders out

The 11th IT security campaign has started, focusing on how to keep intruders out.

Everyday life without IT devices is hard to imagine these days. They simplify our lives and accompany us almost everywhere. Unknowingly we give away more about our identity when we use these devices carelessly. Research data, hobbies, date of birth, interests, shopping behaviour or credit card numbers: Do you know what data is stored on your devices, and who has access to that data? With these tips, you can protect yourself against intruders.

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Leonhard Med: Secure Scientific Platform for Confidential Data

A secure, powerful and versatile IT infrastructure for research on confidential data at ETH Zurich

Providing IT solutions for scientific research on confidential data (e.g. human biomedical data) is a considerable challenge. This is because it requires fulfilling three main criteria that span a wide area of expertise, and that are difficult to achieve simultaneously:

  1. security and compliance
  2. flexibility and ease of use and
  3. scalability and performance
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GA4GH and ASHG conferences

Global lessons for our personalised medicine projects – GA4GH and ASHG conferences

At the end of last year have started several projects within the two major programmes: national one:

  • Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) and
  • ETH-based: Personalized Health Research Technologies (PHRT)

They aim into finding novel solutions and at the same time applying in the clinical  practice the principles of personalized (called also “precision”) medicine. The programmes need state-of-the art IT infrastructures and providing them is the goal of the BioMedIT alliance.

Scientific IT Services takes part in several SPHN and PHRT projects and is one of the driving forces of the BioMedIT. We provide the computing infrastructure (LeonhardMed), data management solutions (openBIS), we also help and collaborate on data transfer between hospitals and academia, data analysis and security. Thus, SIS needs to actively follow the current status of knowledge and technological developments in the “hot topics” between the IT and precision medicine applications. Simply because it is largely driven by new achievements in IT, in particular in the areas such as systems security, big data, deep learning or novel collaborative methodologies. Read more

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PROTECT YOUR BRAINWORK. – Protect your Devices

The new IT security campaign has started – “Protect your Devices” with the focus on “Prevent theft – reduce losses”.

Photos, final theses, e-banking – mobile work anywhere, anytime has long since become an everyday occurrence. With this in mind, most users own several devices: a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop. Protecting these devices against theft and unauthorised access is worthwhile, because insecure devices also put your data at risk. Information security starts with the end device. PROTECT YOUR BRAINWORK. Read more

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Impressions from the Cybersecurity Forum in Singapore

International research universities have launched a cybersecurity forum in Singapore. Visit of ETH Zurich & impressions of Dr. Rui Brandao in the ETH-Blog. Read more

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Sophos Exploit Prevention (SEP) in the Sophos Enterprise Console (SEC)

NotPetya and WannaCry kept the entire IT landscape on its toes in 2017, and it was replaced at the beginning of 2018 with Spectre and Meltdown. This meant IT security became an everyday topic, and not only for specialists. Even though such massive problems are initially very bad news for the reputation of an entire sector, there are nevertheless some positive side effects. In this case, it means above all that “Security Awareness” was once again on everyone’s mind. This in turn often produces the need for new products and services. Read more

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IT security at ETH Zurich

At IT Services, IT security is an integral part of the overall lifecycle of a service – from the specification to the decommissioning.

IT security is varied and interdisciplinary. The expertise required ranges from raising awareness, communications in software development, project management, system hardening and operations through to security monitoring and incident management. The successful implementation of IT security can’t come from an ivory tower, but must rather be integrated into the day-to-day processes of all IT platforms and teams. This is the challenge that IT Services is tackling with the ITS security organisation. Read more

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