Where’s my email?

Are you expecting an email, but it just hasn’t landed in your inbox? Whether you’re waiting for any specific messages or not, you should still check your spam folder regularly.

Even with MailCleaner and monitoring tools, spam or phishing emails can still end up in your inbox. By the same token, legitimate emails can also get stuck in quarantine.

ETH member scan log in to MailCleaner at https://mailcleaner.ethz.ch and check their filtered emails there.

In MailCleaner you can

  • Release emails as a one-off
  • Allow and release emails from the same sender for the future
  • Create a personalised permission and block list (Allowlist / Blocklist)
  • Add newsletter addresses to the authorised list

Quarantined emails are stored for 30 days and then deleted. Hence our tip: check them regularly.

Spam in the email client

Another place to check is the junk email folder. The email client can also filter emails automatically.

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