WLAN for day guests / visitors at ETH

Visitors to ETH receive uncomplicated Internet access via our WLAN (SSID public or public-5). It is now possible to register via email as an alternative to SMS/Text.

The system ensures that the access code reaches the recipients before full Internet access is granted. Confirmation must then be completed within 10 minutes. Further attempts cannot be made for 50 minutes. This means it is also possible to log in on a laptop or tablet without a SIM card, completely independent of the mobile phone network.

Good to know / Reason for the change

For legal reasons, registration is required for access to the ETH WLAN. This is nothing new in itself and registration takes place by entering a mobile phone number to which an access code is then sent by SMS. So far, however, this has not been entirely satisfactory, because text messages are not always reliably received. Mobile coverage in many ETH buildings is limited, and foreign visitors in particular have only activated the WLAN for fear of high roaming costs.

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