New onboarding process

The onboarding process for new ETH Zurich members has been revised in a new identity and access management (IAM) release:

  • with regard to changing the initial password
  • storing contact data for resetting the password and
  • MFA registration

ETH members can find the exact description with the implementation and procedure in the IT Knowledge Base (login is required for security reasons).

Onboarding process for new members

The previous introduction of multifactor authentication has shown that certain adjustments to the onboarding process are necessary. Thanks to the changes that have now been made, new employees and students will be better supported in setting up access and will be guided through the entire process.

This concerns storing contact data for the password reset feature, changing the (initial) password and MFA registration. In future, users will be guided through the individual steps after entering their ETH username and initial password at

With these changes, users will automatically be activated for MFA after registration; users will also have the option of verifying MFA registration by means of validation.


Davor Kupresak, IT Services, Group Head of IAM and eServices, ITS APPS

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