Your mobile number can save lives!

In an emergency, the ETH evacuation system which informs members over a loudspeaker is not all encompassing. Submit your mobile phone number for emergency alerts. The Safety,  Security, Health and Environment (SSHE) Staff Unit is currently implementing an Information and Alarm Tool (IAT) which, in case of larger incidents, allows us to inform you by email, landline and text message (mobile phone). The easiest way to reach a large number of users as quickly as possible is obviously by text message. For this reason we kindly ask you to fill in (or, if you have already registered your number, to check/update) your mobile phone number in the addresses application.


The alert system works best when a maximum amount of ETH staff and students can be reached. This is where SSHE needs your help:
Please enter your private mobile number in your personal profile (Addresses and Personal Data application). (nethz login)> page Personal and Communication Data> Communication Data> mobile phone

Of course, your mobile number will be kept confidential and used in an emergency only.

How do ETH members hear about an emergency

Some buildings have an evacuation system which informs members over a loudspeaker. In addition to this, the SSHE staff unit and IT Services have worked together to create the Information and Alarm Tool (IAT). With this system, it will be possible in the future to send alarm messages via SMS, send voice messages to mobile phones and landlines, and send text messages via email. By the end of 2015, we should be able to communicate alerts via mobile and landline phones. This is another reason why it’s really important that all ETH members enter their mobile phone numbers at, so we can do this effectively.

Source “We take every report seriously” (page 12-13) life – The ETH community magazine (issue June 2015)

Emergency Desk

The Emergency Desk is the contact point for all incidents connected with the personnel, building and equipment security systems. If an alarm is triggered, the relevant internal and external intervention authorities are alerted and steps are taken to identify and resolve the problem. The Emergency Desk constitutes the link between the various alarm duty managers.
The Emergency Desk also serves as an information point out of office hours.

Emergency numbers

The Emergency Desk can be contacted 24 hours a day:

  • from internal lines: 888
  • from external lines or mobile phones: +41 44 342 11 88
  • Fire brigade (and water pollution control): (0)118
  • Accidents (ambulance): (0)144
  • Poisoning (toxicology information centre): (0)145
  • Police: (0)117


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