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Note: Doodle regularly changes its functions. This post was published on 2015. Login or descriptions have changed since then.

Need to schedule an event or make a choice? ETH members can simply use ETH Doodle, an ad-free Doodle with ETH logo.


There are two things that are important to note: ETH network and URL.

Creating an ETH Doodle and subsequent administration are possible only within the ETH network. Outside the ETH Zurich network, you need the VPN client to create a new Doodle or edit an already existing one.

Remember: Logon with an ETH email address is not enough.


The ETH Doodle has its own URL.

doodle3 doodle2t

Make a choice

Recently, the ‘Make a choice’ function is hidden on page two. (Doodle FAQ: “Where has the ‘Make a choice’ button gone?“)

  1. Click the ‘Schedule an event’ button.
  2. Complete the first page ‘1. General’ and create Doodle, then press >next
  3. On page two ‘2. time proposals’on the upper right side you can find the link ‘Free text’  next to the link ‘Calendar view’.
  4. Click the link ‘Free text’ and fill the appointment proposal or the Make a choice as free text.



Doodle is a free online tool for easy scheduling or simple online surveys. The tool can be used anonymously with or without registration. The Swiss developing company under the same name provides online tools for efficient scheduling (Wikipedia “Doodle (Dienst)” in German).

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3 comments on «ETH Doodle»

  1. ETH Doodle is an external service which is not operated by ETH. ETH offers “Doodle Premium” to its members. This includes the ETH logo, its own URL and no advertising.
    The ETH Doodle can be used logged in or without login.
    If you want to log in, you first have to create your own “account” on Doodle: Name, ETH email address and password (do not use your ETH password, create a new one).
    No account or password may be used that is used to access ETH Zurich. In principle, you shouldn’t use your ETH passwords for external services (such as Doodle). Please always create a new password that differs from your ETH passwords.
    Since there are always updates to functionalities, instructions that were previously posted on the ID-Blog may differ from the current version.

  2. Note: Doodle regularly changes its functions.
    This post was published on 22.07.2015 and login or descriptions have changed since then.

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