IDES + Stud-IDES: Software, Licensing, Updates 2015

IDES  (software licences for employees) and Stud-IDES (software for students) is the IT Services electronic online purchase and delivery system.

It allows the electronic delivery of software and the purchase of soft- and hardware products, media and documentation. Most software programmes are free.

For details regarding home use of ETH licenced software see

New from IDES March – August 2015:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise in English and German, at no charge
    NOTE: Since this software is legally an update you already need to own a full Windows (or Mac OS X) license for your PC in order to legally use Windows 10 Enterprise.
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional DC for Mac OS X and Windows, Fr. 50.–/License/Year
    The cloud features of Acrobat Pro DC are not licensed and can’t be used with this license.
  • Autodesk 2015 Suites for Windows in German/English, at no charge
    Autodesk Education Master Suite 2015 (Includes AutoCAD, Inventor and more products)
    Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate 2015 (Includes Maya and more products)
    Note: These network licenses must be used for the installation of computer rooms and are suited for deployment. Network independent single-user licenses can be obtained directly and free of charge from Autodesk:

 New from Stud-IDES March – August 2015:



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