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The IT services as they exist today have accompanied ETH Zurich for almost a fifth of its lifetime. A lot has changed during this time. The IT Services have grown considerably and been given many new tasks. We are keeping a record of the history of ETH and its IT Services, for us and future interested people to browse through and dive into.

ITS supports the researchers, lecturers, students and employees of ETH and covers constantly changing needs. From the first computer to large data centers, from huge hard disks to cloud storage solutions. In our articles on ITS and ETH history, you can read interesting stories about pioneers, internet at ETH, vocational training at ITS and much more. Or take a short tour through the attic or basement and puzzle what functions old IT finds had in their glory days.

How the idea came about

The idea was born as a task for PR and Communication trainees of Sabine Hoffmann, who gain six months of work experience at ITS. Writing and researching texts is part of their daily routine. So why not use these skills to work through the history of ITS and its employees. Already after the first post, more and more ideas for further research came from many people. Comments, e-mails or even simple conversations during breakd resulted in more and more posts. And we are far from finished!


You will find all contributions listed on the official ETH website:

ITS History

ETH History

IT finds


If you have a story to tell or a good idea for another post, get in touch with us! We look forward to hearing from you.


Sabine Hoffmann, IT Services – Management, Head of PR & Communications

Text: Francine Tobler, PR & Communications

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