ETH Zurich Business Numbers (fixed and mobile Network): Changes

The use of value-added services will be blocked on the ETH Zurich business numbers (fixed and mobile network) from Monday, 29 June 2020. This adjustment affects all ETH employees.

As a result of a new Federal Supreme Court ruling, the billing of third-party services via Swisscom invoices is subject to the Money Laundering Act (AMLA). This also includes billing for value-added services from both mobile and fixed networks, such as

090x numbers Chargeable hotlines for advice, technical support as well as participation in votings & competitions
SMS/MMS Business Numbers Chargeable SMS/MMS for the purchase of public transport tickets, stamps, vending machine purchases and donations
Easypay / NATEL® Pay Purchases of cinema tickets, apps, games, music, etc. or payment of subscription fees for the consumption of TV sports broadcasts or films via the mobile postpaid subscription or mobile prepaid credit.

Further information can be found at (“Impact of the Money Laundering Act on value-added services”)

Swisscom plans to set up a new solution. However, this will not be available until next year at the earliest.


Pius Baumann, ITS NET, UCC, IT Services

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