Also far away from the ETH….

…. you can configure ETH voice mail, change your PIN, record messages, change or switch between the standard message and the message for longer periods of absence.

Your “UM Voice Mail Service” offers a lot of possibilities.

Configuration using web mail (OWA)

Log in via the web to your Outlook account (OWA) and go to Options > Show all options > Telephone > Voicemail

When outside of the ETH, you can change the following here:

  • Order a new PIN
  • Switch between the standard and vacation absence messages
  • Activate or deactivate existing rules
  • Activate or deactivate messages (send email to inbox when a call is missed)
  • Configure voice mail rules with automatic message
    (messages with rules can only be recorded while at the ETH using the internal ETH telephones)

Configuration using an external telephone

Instead of the internal number (when at the ETH it is 39990), the complete number must be dialled (+41 44 633 99 90). You will have to identify yourself with your telephone number and your PIN.

This way, you can change:

  • While on the go, you can change the standard message as well as the message for longer periods of absence (vacation message)
  • Switch between the standard and vacation absence messages
  • Change your PIN
  • Listen to your voice messages

Don’t forget: the telephone must be diverted to the number 39990, otherwise the incoming calls will not be forwarded to the voice mail service. (Specific instructions on configuring call forwarding on your telephone can be found at


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