UM Voice Mail – more than just an answering machine

Microsoft Exchange Server, with Exchange Unified Messaging (UM), replaces the traditional telephone answering machine and provides additional voice mail functionality.


Unified Messaging (UM) is part of our mail system and connects your phone service with your email service.

More than just an answering machine

You can use the Voice-Mail system as an answering machine, for messages, announcements and during absences.

  • Telephone Answering Machine
  • Delivery of voice messages as MP3 files directly in your mailbox
  • Notification email for lost calls directly in your mailbox


With UM you can also access your calender or check your emails from any phone. The service is available for all ETH Zurich members who have a personal telephone. The service is however also available for non personal phones.  For inquiries please send an email with the relevant phone number and your contact details to


Further information regarding this service at

  • Post Xpressions Answering System End of Life



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