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First steps for activating and individually configuring the ETH voice mail service.

If you have never used the voice mail service before, you will need around 30 minutes to activate and configure it.

First step: Order the UM Voice Mail Service

The “UM Voice Mail Service” can be ordered by ETH members via the “nethz admin tool” http://www.password.ethz.ch > My services  (“meine Services”) > Phone. Activation will take around 15 minutes.

Following activation you will receive the confirmation e-mail “Welcome to Exchange Unified Messaging”. You can then get started.

Second step: Configure voice mail

In the confirmation e-mail you will receive a PIN, which you will need to configure the service.

You can now record your name and personal greeting with your own voice or select a standard greeting.

Third step: Forward phone calls to UM answering machine

Your Voice Mail is now configured. To make it work you have to forward your phone call to the UM answering machine. The configuration of call forwarding depends on your phone, and will thus differ from model to model.

Do you know which phone model you have? Specific instructions for your phone can be found at www.id.ethz.ch/services/list/voice/index_EN
It is possible to forward calls in three different ways:

  1. Forward ALL calls. In this case all incoming calls will be forwarded to the UM service. Your phone will not even ring.
  2. Forward calls when the line is engaged.
  3. Forward calls if nobody answers after a certain number of rings

Helpful training videos

Training videos are available for OpenStage 15 and OpenStage 40, which cover the various functions and possible uses www.voice.ethz.ch


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