Information security E-Learning update

Learning objective: You are aware of the most important measures to protect ETH Zurich and yourself from IT and information security incidents.

ETH’s culture makes personal responsibility a requirement. Personal responsibility means that ETH members familiarise themselves with the rules that they need to take into account in their work. The information security module and all other E-Learning modules are designed to support this process (with ETH login only).

Introduction to the information security module

There are ten topics. These are grouped into three categories. You can find more in-depth information on each topic in the Infotool. Start with the first scene and train how to get to grips with the weak points in everyday work.

In demand

Interviews in the module by

  • Dr Rui Brandao, Director of IT Services
  • Prof Nina Buchmann, D-USYS
  • Dr Domenico Salvati, Chief Information Security Officer, ETH Zurich


  • Dr Domenico Salvati, Chief Information Security Officer, ETH Zurich
  • Central Coordination of E-Learning Compliance: Yannic Kälin, Finance & Controlling

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