The ETH Contact Database

The contact database is a software environment consisting of a database, client services and web services. It has been in operation at ETH Zurich for almost three years.

On closer examination, you will find out that the contact database is more than just another tool for the maintenance of address data. As the name “contact database” suggests, the application supports users with a uniform solution for the administration of the data of persons and companies and their address details. The contact database is designed to maintain different ownerships. One of the most important features is, that the contact data must be updated only once but can be seen and used by all other users.

Lists for mailing

Users have access to the updated ETH office addresses of ETH employees and lecturers in the contact database. These addresses are always up-to-date, and no costs are incurred for the maintenance of this data. The solution also supports the logical grouping of contacts in order to generate lists for mailing or to generate event invitations from them. Since the contact database is also used by the dispatch center of ETH, lists for them can be directly provided for the delivery.

Support with events

But there are still more features: The support for the creation of lists for registering and de-registering for your events. To this end, the key data of the event can be entered in the contact database. Invited persons have the option of registering or de-registering via a web form.

A tool for ETH

The contact database is a tool provided from the IT Services to all organisational units of ETH at no charge. In addition, the IT Services offers support for the migration of existing databases. Data security and regularly Data backup are ensured. For access to the database Filemaker, Version 11.03 is needed. A web-based user interface is planned.


  • Announcement, contact database 2012 (ITS Blog)
  • Ideas management 2014 (central address distributor for ETH-internal addresses for the mailing of letters; PDF German)



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  1. And how about adding somewhere in such a contribution the URL where one could find that service? That would be quite helpful and should be, BTW, IMHO a necessity for all blogs of such a kind.

    Thanks for your help and cooperation.

    Sincerely yours,
    Andreas Fischlin

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