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Introduction of the events calendar version 2018.1

In collaboration with the Services department, ITS SWS is working on implementing a new version of the events calendar of ETH Zurich. From the client’s point of view, the aim is to rebuild all components of the overall system using modern design methods while considering the highest standards when it comes to user-friendliness. This goal is to be achieved in three stages over three years, the first of which was devoted primarily to the presentation of the events in AEM (ETH website) and on information screens, which were successfully launched on 13 December, 2018. Weiterlesen

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CC 2017.2 in operation

Release 2017.2 of the Course Catalogue (CC) for the ETH Zurich is online. An interview with Dr. Giorgio Broggi, Head of ITS Software Services (ITS SWS), and Roland Fehr, ITS SW Project Services, OIS Lessons – Java (ITS SWS). Weiterlesen

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The ETH Contact Database

The contact database is a software environment consisting of a database, client services and web services. It has been in operation at ETH Zurich for almost three years. Weiterlesen

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