ITS Print Material in New CD Color

IT Services (ITS) publishes brochures and pamphlets for staff and students at ETH Zurich.


ITS is happy to provide ETH members with important information by way of our IT print material. This year, ITS will be using the ETH-color “Red” (ETH 7) for the German version and ETH-color gray (ETH 6) for the English one.

  • Every new student automatically receives the leaflet “IT Student Services” from the Registrar’s Office. This pamphlet is also available on the web and since content is updated annually, is invaluable not only for new students.
  • Human Resources sends every new ETH employee the “ITS-Brochure for Employees“. An updated version is available on the web with new services and topics added each year. The informative pamphlet is helpful for both new and senior employees.
  • The ITS pamphlet “ITS Services & Divisions“, colloquially referred to as “ETH Start Brochure”, is handed out to all new employees on ETH Start Day / Orientation Day (see ITS-Blog).
  • The departure brochure “Leaving ETH: Important Information” is available in PDF form on the web.


Sabine Hoffmann, ITS Marketing & Communication


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