IT Newsletter inside|out No. 31 published

“Knowing what’s going on in IT at ETH Zurich”: The 30th newsletter inside|out is online.

Background icons for the current newsletter inside|out No. 31

Have you noticed?

Each image has background icons that match the theme. These are the background icons for the current newsletter inside|out No. 31.

Topics in this issue

  • Business Relationship Office (BRO)
  • Phone Control Center: Telephone redirection made easy
  • Digitalisation project eResearch / one web portal for all funding instruments
  • Email Services soon in the cloud
  • Kubernetes as a Service / running containerised applications with KaaS
  • Way-up: the shortened IT apprenticeship at ETH
  • IARU Cybersecurity Forum @ ETH Zurich
  • How can I contribute to energy saving?

Our main topics in this newsletter

IARU Cybersecurity Forum @ ETH Zurich


The IT Services (ITS) has launched a new newsletter in 2013 under the name “inside|out”. “inside|out” appears three times annually in German and in English and focuses on three main IT topics. The ITS hopes the newsletter will allow outsiders a better awareness of its services and foster cooperation with other ETH members.



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Editorial & Contact

  • Dr Rui Brandao, ITS Director
  • Sabine Hoffmann, ITS Head Office, Head PR & Communications
  • Gerhild Müller, ITS Head Office, Newsletter Service Owner
  • Contact
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