Making of inside|out No. 30

“Knowing what’s going on in IT at ETH Zurich”: The 30th newsletter inside|out is online.

Background icons for the current newsletter inside|out No. 30
Background icons for the current newsletter inside|out No. 30

Topics in this issue

  • Electronic signature eSign: Sign documents electronically
  • New onboarding process for new ETH members
  • ZO double premiere: Windows 11 Update & OneDrive Migration
  • Computerworld Swiss CIOs with Dr Rui Brandao
  • New self-service portal Polycloud: the ETH self-service portal for virtual servers
  • Update Compliance Module e-Learning “Information Security”
  • Informatiktage / IT Days 2023 at ETH with exclusive IT insights

Informatiktage at ETH

Many thanks to all involved

A big thank you to all of ITS and OCT staff behind the scenes who are not in the pictures and helped proofread, find accessories, help set up and shoot, create icons, fill newsletters, create email lists and distribution lists. And whatever else is involved in getting a newsletter off the ground.


The IT Services (ITS) has launched a new newsletter in 2013 under the name “inside|out”. “inside|out” appears three times annually in German and in English and focuses on three main IT topics. The ITS hopes the newsletter will allow outsiders a better awareness of its services and foster cooperation with other ETH members.



Don’t miss future issues of the inside|out newsletter: On the following pages you can register for the German newsletter and/or the English newsletter (double opt-in).

Editorial & Contact

  • Dr Rui Brandao, ITS Director
  • Sabine Hoffmann, ITS Head Office, Head PR & Communications
  • Gerhild Müller, ITS Head Office, Newsletter Service Owner
  • Contact
Making of No. 30
Making of No. 30

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