IT Training: System Technology becomes Platform Development / Faces in IT

The current four-year IT apprenticeship was revised and orientated more around the future requirements of economics and administration. Therefore, as of summer 2021, the IT Training Lab of ETH Zurich is providing training in the two areas of IT specialisation: “Application Development” and “Platform Development”.

The vocational training “IT Specialist Federal VET Diploma” was subjected to a revision by ICT-Berufsbildung Schweiz and aligned more closely with the current and future requirements of economics and administration. The vocation will now be taught in the two areas of specialisation of “Application Development” and “Platform Development”. The revised Education and Training Ordinance went into force on 1 January 2021 and thereby applies to the education of trainees who start an IT apprenticeship in summer 2021.

The Platform Development area of specialisation focuses more on server services and IT Security, and less on hardware. Instead of the current three days, trainees are already at work in the training company for four days in the third year of training, which gives them more practical experience. This reduces the presence in the vocational school, where the focus is on mathematics and English in addition to vocational knowledge.

Around 60 specialists were involved in development and modernisation of the 32 modules for the revised IT Specialist Federal VET Diploma vocation. New topics include, among others, cloud solutions, blockchain, machine learning, Internet of Everything and DevOps.

There is an increasing demand for ICT specialists; therefore additional apprenticeships will be needed, and companies wanted for training IT specialists. Vocational training is the central lever for tackling the lack of ICT specialists and serves as the most important feeder for higher vocational training and technical colleges. “

Interested future trainees as well as ETH members who can see themselves as vocational trainers for young people at ETH Zurich, please contact Marc Winkler, Head of the IT Training Lab.

Tip Informatiktage 2021

This virtual event will introduce ETH employees with different IT professions
This virtual event will introduce ETH employees with different IT professions

Event “Faces in IT and their paths / Career paths in IT at ETH Zurich” (in German)

“Shaping the world of tomorrow with computer technology”

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