Awareness in Research Data Management

All universities deal intensively with the topic of IT security and people’s awareness. One of the campaigns running at ETH is the PROTECT YOUR BRAINWORK. campaign. Let’s take a look at the EPFL library in Lausanne and their solution for IT security awareness.

Research Data Management Horror Stories

In the middle of February the Love Data Week 2020 took place: An international event designed to raise awareness for research data management (RDM). The RDM team at EPFL has launched a campaign to mark the occasion. It includes five videos produced by library staff and researchers. The five sequences feature so-called “RDM horror stories”, i.e. horror scenarios related to research data management. These sensitize the viewers and future data horror stories are hopefully avoided.

The episodes

“Discover these RDM Horror Stories and don’t hesitate to share them! EPFL Library RDM team in Lausanne”. We’re happy to do it. You can find all five horror stories here.

Episode 1 – Lost Data

Episode 1 of RDM Horror Stories: Lost Data
Episode 1: Lost Data

Episode 2 – Stranger Data Things

Episode 2 of RDM Horror Stories: Stranger Data Things
Episode 2: Stranger Data Things

Episode 3 – The Documentation Labyrinth

Episode 3 of RDM Horror Stories: The Documentation Labyrinth
Episode 3: The Documentation Labyrinth

Episode 4 – Data Money Freaks

Episode 4 of RDM Horror Stories: Data Money Freaks
Episode 4: Data Money Freaks

Episode 5 – Data PubliCaution

Episode 5 of RDM Horror Stories: Data PubliCaution
Episode 5: Data PubliCaution

All episodes can be found on the YouTube channel of EPFL library.

ETH Support regarding Research Data Management

IT Security and Awareness at ETH Zurich

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