Making of: inside|out newsletter no. 19

IT news at ETH Zurich – “Find out what’s going on in terms of IT at ETH Zurich”: the 19th inside|out newsletter is online.

Icons which reflect the topics of the newsletter
Icons which reflect the topics of the newsletter

The second newsletter this year is online.

A big thank you to all involved

What caused us some difficulties in the last newsletter was much easier this time. Already months before the shoot, we got many creative ideas from the contributors to add these pictures the certain something. The Leonhard Med team was the winner of the January 2019 Innovation Prize of the IT Services. Their complex project, a platform for sensitive research data, in particular in biomedicine, was skilfully presented in the symbolism of a syringe containing neon marker fluid. Caution was called for! But the stains on shoes and trousers were worth the picture.

For ITS MMS, no effort was spared to get the perfect photo. Not just one or two, but three people had to help keep the cable in the right angle to the camera, move the monitor one floor down and find enough devices for this photo.

At the end we could relax! Or so it looks at least. But also behind this result hides a considerable effort – The chairs stood on europallets, which had to be ordered, transported, set up and sent back at the end. Further it needed ice on the stick, a ventilator, and the chairs had to be tested extensively as well … ;-).

We would like to thank everyone who helped us, be it with proofreading, the procurement of materials or other work, which was not noticeable in the final result. Without you, this project would not have been possible!

A colourful mixture of Medicine, cable spaghetti and relaxation
A colourful mixture of Medicine, cable spaghetti and relaxation

Topics in the 19th issue

  • Leonhard Med: ETH leading in research infrastructure for confidential data
  • Wireless presentation and collaboration technology / Wireless connection to screens and projectors
  • New Identity and Access Management System / nethz system replaced
  • IT puzzle: Journey back in time / Who’s familiar with this IT Find?



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Editorial & Contact

  • Dr Rui Brandao, ITS Director
  • Sabine Hoffmann, ITS Management, Head PR & Communications
  • Gerhild Müller, ITS Management, Newsletter Service Owner
  • Contact
What happened in the background
What happened in the background

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