ETH passwords: Tutorials

Since April 15, 2019, the look and feel of the administration of passwords for ETH members has changed. The ETH Web Center now includes password administration.

Management of ETH passwords new in the "Web Center
Management of ETH passwords new in the “Web Center

In the Web Center, you can change your initial password, manage your passwords and store your authentication data. If you have forgotten your password, you will receive a new password using the mobile phone number stored in the Web Center or an alternative (non-ETH) email address.

ETH password Tutorials

To support ETH members, the IT Services have had tutorials produced. They convey the respective procedure simply and vividly. Step by step, we explain to you how you can

  • Change your password
  • Store your authentication data
  • Reset your password

Video links on Web Center usage

All videos and information about ETH passwords and your ETH user account can be found on the ETH web:


New IAM designations

Please note the new Identity Access Management (IAM) spellings and change old names.


  • Dr. Giorgio Broggi Head of Software Services, IT Services
  • Davor Kupresak, Group Manager Identity / Access Management & eServices, IT Services.

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