polybox – you can now collaborate when working on documents

polybox is the established cloud storage service used by ETH Zurich. It now also enables synchronous (or asynchronous) online collaboration for all ETH members. In addition to the usual online storage and sharing of documents, it is now also possible to edit documents together in the web browser.

The trigger for the new functionalities was the demand from the Educational Development and Technology department (LET). LET wanted to offer students an opportunity to collaborate online. After a successful proof of concept phase (polyboxEdu), the online office functionalities are now permanently available on polybox.

Customer benefits

polybox offers the following advantages over commercial applications:

  • Data security: data is stored on the ETH Zurich storage system
  • 50 GB of storage space available for free
  • Possibility to connect polybox to Moodle (as a repository / storage of large files directly from Moodle)
  • Work in collaborative folders in Moodle (currently being planned)
  • Access via the ETH user account, no additional login required
  • Access restriction: Access is only possible via the ETH user account or Moodle

Digital tools

The integration of an online office into polybox and the learning landscape at ETH represents the realisation of phase 2 of the eCollaboration project. The objective here is to facilitate fast, informal and synchronous collaboration between students.

Students can form their own working groups on polyboxEdu. It is therefore ideal for various types of Student Directed Learning, where lecturers do not directly influence the learning content (test protocols, seminar papers), but it can also be used in events (collection of ideas, etc.). The planned connection to Moodle will enable lecturers to easily integrate the technology into teaching and learning scenarios.




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