Live streaming – professional or “do it yourself”

The demand for “live streaming” events has noticeably increased in recent years. Multimedia Services have therefore updated the service and the underlying technologies accordingly, and offer different solutions to meet different customer needs.

Live streaming, as an additional service when recording an event, has been offered as a version of  video distribution  for quite some time now, with an Epiphan Pearl set up by ITS MMS to stream the recording signal into the network. In order to be able to offer a solution for informal events (cross-location group meetings, internal lectures) in addition to this chargeable combination, we now offer two completely free solutions: Mevo is a camera with built-in streaming function that you can borrow  from the Multimedia Services web shop ; it is easy to install and preconfigured for live streaming. Those who want to capture the screen content instead of using the camera image are well served with the extremely portable solution from Avermedia, which picks up the signal of the computer on the way to the data projector and streams it to the big wide world or to your target group. Both DIY production options also allow recording, all three use live streaming via YouTube, which includes a chat function and comprehensive statistics.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like some advice on using one of the solutions.


  • IT Services of ETH Zurich, ITS Multimedia Services (ITS MMS)
  • Philipp Zumbrunnen, Production and Distribution, ITS Multimedia Services (ITS MMS)


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