New Mailserver Version (

On Wednesday June 6, 2018, IT Services activated a new version of the mail server (

Migration Sequence

The renewal of the mail service takes place in several steps. As a first step, starting on June 6th, the new servers will serve all mail client connections. The mailboxes will remain on the old system for the time being and will be migrated at a later date.
Users with dedicated mail clients (AppleMail, WindowsMail, ActiveSync Mobile Clients, Thunderbird, Outlook …) should notice little difference between the old and new servers. The situation is different when using webmail ( in a browser. Here the appearance of the login page will change. After logging-in, the mailbox will appear in its familiar style. This will change in the course of the year after moving the mailboxes to the new mail servers. Only then will the web interface match the “look and feel” of the new mail server version.

Web Mail login before June 6, 2018

Web Mail login after the June 6, 2018


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Daniel Koch, IT Services, User Services


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